SDNS - Static DNS for Dynamic IPs, Internet Service Provider, and Domain Registration Services

Dynamic DNS and Domain customers - Sorry!

SDNS is not providing DNS services nor accepting new domain registrations at this time. Simply put, big companies with more money can offer lower prices than we can, and we can't compete. Yay capitalism! Don't worry - existing registrations are still valid, and your domains won't vanish! Thanks for your business!

Internet Service customers

We are continuing to provide wireless internet access to the local area, but due to congestion, are not accepting new customers. Contact webwolf if you have any problems or questions.

System status

August, 2012: We're currently picking up heavy interference on all channels, and have not been able to localize the source. Coverage past a half mile from our tower is unreliable at best. Probably another grow room with digital ballasts... At this point we really can't expend the time and money needed to fix problems like this (YOU try tracking down a grow house and convincing the operator that he/she needs to buy new ballasts...), and since we're slowly winding down operations anyway (do we even have paying customers that far out?), our current plan is to hope the problem goes away on its own. Sorry, but unless ya'll want to start giving us a lot more money every month...